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Nobody gives a shit.

  I t's been a long time since I wrote a blog post. There's obviously a reason for that, I had my 2nd Semester exams. The situations were epic. We were informed 10 days before the exams, those subjects were taught 10 months back. It was pretty tuff I mean you know right how engineering education works these days. I was very very scared and confused. 10 days out of 2 days were wasted in complaining and figuring out ways in which the government may cancel exams. And all the student stuff. Studying before 10 days is also an art and I am definitely not the artist.  Mostly I am the type of guy who prepares in advance.  I was very anxious and started to speak rubbish about everything. The main reason was the fear of failure. The main thing that I did not observe and what most of you don't realize is NOBODY ACTUALLY GIVES A SHIT.  Trying to work as much as possible in the left out time is the only ideal thing which we can do.  Complaining, Crying, Figurining alternatives will not

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