Let's work to learn before thinking of profits.

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. --Epictetus

I have come across many situations where money played a very important role. Don't know why but sometimes it also feels like there's no satisfaction of earning something when there is no reason to spend. I also agree with the fact that being profitable is an important aspect. ok, but when is it the right time to think of it.

I have some of my friends who are very talented in their respective fields and started to do freelancing. which eventually gave them a handful of the amount. And I, on the other hand, being a fresher Don't have the skill which the market needs. For example, App dev, web dev, content writing, etc. These are some of the skills which almost 3 out of 5 firms are looking for.  There was no scope of asking for a stipend or a payment with who I work. 

When it comes to earning, It is a really good thing to earn at an early age but what also matters is the requirement. Don't fake yourself or your skills only for the sake of earning very fast if it Is not required. It has a huge impact on your professional career. I agree with the point that when someone of our age starts making profits we can't digest that. But also try to know the backstory of that. 

Being a Newbie the main things to focus are gaining as much as experience possible, Personal branding, Work for free till you feel, I am the right fit for this job or I have a good skill which can make a change. Networking and interacting also play a major role to let people know what you are capable of. I worked with 5 startups without expecting any financial profits. In return, I received a lot of experience and improved my network. 

Try working for free, when you do not have any skills but want to learn and simultaneously implement. There is a possibility that people agree to pay something for your skill when they see your past work. 

Hope you find it good reading.

Let me know your views. 

Aditya Sharma.

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