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It has been more than 10 days since I wrote a Blog Post there are several reasons and I want to point out some of them. Although completing a course on Blogging and content writing I was not able to write how I wanted to, It was like I have 100 in my mind but writing only 10. This is the case everywhere because most of us have completed many courses in this lockdown but we forget how to implement that in our real-life or We forget the whole content when we receive a certificate. Do all these certificates we achieved digitally really matter? I mean just ask yourself before starting anything. 

Sometimes I wonder that there are some situations where the original course time is 3 Weeks and people complete that in 1-2 days, I am not blaming anyone because even I was you. Honestly, when I did this I did not understand anything but in the end, your goal is only getting a certificate. Then I realized what if I post all my certifications and people ask me to do something which I didn't focus on studying but on the certificate If I keep all the irrelevant certificates etc. in my resume it just looks like a Brochure. 

So, the fast realization helped me to focus more on gaining knowledge and keeping other unwanted things aside. You might have observed people these days who sell online courses or any other will mainly stress on the phrase " Online course with free Certificate". What happens with this is that almost everyone will do that neglecting there time and interest. In the initial days, I was literally not able to apply anything that I learned in these in my real life or to do any projects because I didn't absorb the original taste of the subject. 

Then I got a Beautiful Idea of working and learning rather than sitting and listening to the pre-recorded classes. From there I started my Internship journey where I learned a lot. Ok, even here you're craving for the certification will be completed after showing your work but the main thing is you don't get it unless you satisfied the need. 

Try to live What you've learned. It will definitely help you in the long run.  Don't feel bad if you've done all this. 

Time helps us to realize and react at the same time.

Hope you Find It Good Reading.

Let me know your views

~Aditya Sharma.


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