Why can't you start it again??

"One day you will Thank yourself for not giving up".

Enough of talking about all the productivity in this pandemic. Now, let's talk about what did you give up. We give up on many things which we love, Some maybe personal or professional. Accepting the situation we leave many things. But, is it worth quitting on things which you like. In my case I gave up on my friends, I Don't care about my personal life and many more. When it comes to my professional things Until now I didn't give up on anything. Because I like to do it whatever may be the consequences. The only question you have to ask yourself "Why Did you waste your time if your end Result is Giving up".

During this pandemic I see many of them giving up on their dreams. When it comes to startups they say it is very hard to sustain in this situation we are not left with any option rather than quitting. The main reason I found out is the lack of revenue generation or funds. A startup Doesn't only work on revenues, Customer relationship also plays a vital role. Okay, Things get worse when we don't have funds. But when you started all these Being a startup Founder you might be only thinking about making a change.
Revenues only come into play when you want something out of your work.

What I feel is Rather than giving up why can't you just Re-Build things. You gave up on many things even to start a startup, Again doing the same with your dream will not fetch you anything but Mental stress. Build everything from scratch, Take your time. Take everything into consideration and start doing work with what you have. After all this, you know very well what is going to happen. As we all know when we give up on something we waste our precious time thinking about it. Rather than doing that Invest the same time in getting everything back on track.

Think about the efforts you kept before starting this. Interacting with people, plans, goals, a vision which only you know better. All this should not go in vain. You are the only person who can Rebuild your dream.

"Founders are known for starting things from Scratch".

Hope you find it good reading.

Let me know your views.


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