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Some more reality of friendships

HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE FORCING SOMEONE TO TALK OR FOR ANYTHING?I feel that every day. As I told you in my "I have friends too" blog that I have some friends but all that I shared in the blog is fully past. Now, let's talk about the present. Honestly, everything changed like I don't understand why can't people say it openly. I don't want to point out anyone. It was me putting effort into each and everything. Asking them for going out somewhere, A reunion call, or some planning, etc. Everything goes in vain probably with these words "BUSY" "NO MOOD " " NO TIME". But, that's there wish it would be better if they say it first because I will surely say all those words to almost everyone except my friends. Many people ask me, Aditya, Why do always talk about work or any subject related matters?. Honestly, I don't have an answer because there is nothing to actually share except work. Whenever I call my friends …

I Don't care about "Society".

Seriously, One of the worst things I have ever heard is people talking about the respect we get from society when we are educated or else you are of no use. People don't care whether you exist or not. I mean should we care about what society thinks about my stuff. I think that doesn't even occupy the place. Many of them whatever the topic, They drag the society and say see this is what you get when you do this and this is how the society treats."WHO THE HELL CARES".There were some situations where I had to give up many things just for the sake of society. I mean handling this shit is difficult if youbow for everything and accept what they like you to do and giving up on things you like. I have some of the stereotypes who always say "LOG KYA KAHENGE" whenever I start anything which is good but should not be done if you want to keep your respect. I really appreciate the dedication of people when they really involve in each aspect of your life. It feels like G…

Knowledge > Certifications

It has been more than 10 days since I wrote a Blog Post there are several reasons and I want to point out some of them. Although completing a course on Blogging and content writing I was not able to write how I wanted to, It was like I have 100 in my mind but writing only 10. This is the case everywhere because most of us have completed many courses in this lockdown but we forget how to implement that in our real-life or We forget the whole content when we receive a certificate. Do all these certificates we achieved digitally really matter? I mean just ask yourself before starting anything. Sometimes I wonder that there are some situations where the original course time is 3 Weeks and people complete that in 1-2 days, I am not blaming anyone because even I was you. Honestly, when I did this I did not understand anything but in the end, your goal is only getting a certificate. Then I realized what if I post all my certifications and people ask me to do something which I didn't focu…