Are you often obsessed with Big profiles?


"Be obsessed with your own potential."

We are often obsessed with big profiles when we enter into the work ecosystem. But what do you mainly consider?. The experience you gain or the profile you work in. I saw a lot of companies that offer various profiles to work. But, Most of the work which they give is not related to there profile. Firstly, stop working only to put up work experience on Linkedin profile. I also see many of them treat the highest profiles in one manner and frontline in a different manner. Example, A CEO and a salesman.  As I know a CEO was once a salesman and will always be a salesman. The end aim is uplifting brand identity. 

When actually entered into the work environment, I was very influenced by the profile called Campus ambassador don't know why but It gives a good feel as a state ambassador. When I started the work I was very surprised that there was nothing that I could learn from this. Then I worked with 2 other firms but everyone where some or the other way the same.  The main aim is only getting on leads to there own brand. But It would not be a good experience for the people who are just entering. 

When It comes to the profiles most of us reject some underrated work like sales, marketing. There may be two reasons one we don't know how to work on them or we do not get as an attraction as other big guys do. when I started working I didn't know anything about work profiles JD etc. I just started working on some of the random profiles which were given. The beauty here is we work to learn. 
Even if we don't have any knowledge. Don't run behind fancy back names, Get your experience and they will come to you. 

I mainly worked in an Active Business development profile but I learned while working. The reason why I said active is I came across many situations where we take up the work to update our resume and profiles and leave our main work aside. I had a beautiful experience until now and I am looking forward to gaining much more. 

Work culture should always be defined as "Work with the company, not for the company".

I am planning to share my experience of working in different profiles and also how I learned may detailed aspects. My information might not be helpful for Everyone but It can help them who are just Entering.  Let me know in the comments whether I should do this.

Hope you find it good reading.

Let me know your views.


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