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If you aren't failing Enough, You aren't trying something new Enough.

"If you Learn from Defeat, You aren't Really Lost."
How often do you start everything when you fail? The answer is we don't start it again. The only question which comes to our mind when we fail in something, Is it happening only with me or everyone. Failure gives you experience and opportunity to explore more new things and also a valid and long term solution for your problems. Every time you fail there will be thought of Worthiness. 
The more you fail, The more worthy you become. I failed in maximum each and every aspect but what made me stand still is constantly trying. You may not get 100% of what you expect. I come across many people saying I don't have a chance again to try. This is my last time. Opportunities are infinite it all depends on your priorities. Explore Things in the right way and try to achieve your long term goal rather than thinking about failure in short ones. What matters is the mindset and ability to try new things.
 let's not talk abou…