I was Productive for the First Time.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”
Productivity and time are interrelated because we think the more time we have, The more work we do. But its quite different. More work we do in less time is what it is and what most of them look for. I was definitely not productive. But when I had more time I thought of doing some different. It's like when you don't have anything to do the time just flies and is wasted obviously. We all have the same 24 hours. But, what matters is how you use it. 
For Example, During the COVID-19 lockdown. The only work I had was to fill the water bottles and keep them in the fridge (JF). Almost a week or two was the same situation and it was kind of boring as I don't use any social media, No one to talk, etc. Just before the lockdown, I completed my semester exams. So, there was nothing to study but there were things which I always wanted to do. I just started to build my LinkedIn profile at that time and was doing it regularly. There is an achie…

Start from down before you "START UP".

"The True Sign Of Intelligence is not Knowledge But Imagination". -Albert Einstein These days many of the startup founders come up with there ideas and start working on them without any initial planning. The step where everything goes wrong is starting something without a plan or an implementation strategy. Several factors need to be fulfilled before their product reaches the final customer. The "CORE COMPETENCES" are a must for startups.

I had Friends Too..

Friends, The most crucial part of one's journey. They may not be hard to find, But very hard to forget. We have many friends and most of them stay in touch, But some don't it does not matter unless you have a never-ending bond. I had many friends and still have some of them. Some of them were good, Bad, Funny Etc. Whatever may be the tag they are friends.
When I was in my school, I had a very good number of friends I used to interact with everyone no matter what would be the topic. But when the class increased friends decreased even then I had some of them out of which two guys are my Best friends till now. Even today I remember when was the first time we went out. One guy was too protective and the other was kind of medium and my situation depends upon various aspects. I was the one to take them out for the first time and give them a feeling like there is something different than before. That time was really good and we used to hang out on a regular basis. Today both are techi…



How & Why did I Enter Linkedin.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Thomas Edison
"Linkedin" a platform with immense professional Acts and ocean of new opportunities everyday. But,why does it makes sense a 17 year old lad is on the platform. We mainly think there is no use of connecting with people unless you have a professional degree or something else. Most of them have the misconception that opportunities are given based on there Degree or related expertise. But, That's not the case here. You find an opportunity in anyway possible.
For example, I am a Mechanical Engineering guy. As everyone does I also had many instagram accounts managing them posting stuff and all. At those times there were people to talk and time passed and lost many things including interest on social media. Then one day I was going through some of the random articles and it says about some of the startup raised funding, It seems interesting and I checked more. The second thi…

I found my passion like this, What About you?

“Just because your life  changes doesn’t mean that your deepest passions have to.” - Shannon Miller Back in 2011 when I was in 4th standard I had many people around me who's consistency was really good on asking me what I want to become. I was same as every other kid who is surround by the same complex of options like Policeman , Astronaut etc. But years passed and level of thinking was fine with me. 
Right in my 6th standard I was passing by a road looking around, That was the time when I felt something was too attractive and different from what I see everyday and ignore. But, That day I saw a Black color "Mercedes Benz" and that's it . The time when I started looking onto subject in a more detailed manner and found something interesting than other cars.
I liked the design,color and mainly the sound which comes from the exhaust. We all get attracted to some or the other things which we come across, In my case it was cars. From that day on I was looking for the same car…


“The Best form of expression is blogging ". Hi,
I am aditya sharma a mechanical engineering guy with some of the lame and also good experiences. I am a startup Enthusiast with number of ideas but couldn't differentiate from others. Worked with many corporate firms . Absorbed the taste of working . But there is a lot more to share apart from these stuff and blogging is the only way.
There are times when i felt things are not going to be as they were always  and that is obviously true. Past few years changed everything . That eventually bought me here, Sharing an experience gives a pinch of hope to anyone who has the same situation in hand and i would also do the same.
I will write about everything in my blog my professional and personal stuff so that you can co-relate between them and get out of the absurd situation which you are in. Having an experience in startup Ecosystem I can guide you through the whole process and will share the essentials a founder should have before doing …